The Future of Blogging

While no one can know for sure what the future will hold for blogging, I am pretty secure in thinking that amazing new developments are on the horizon.  With the ability to host audio and video files on your blog you can make your blog a very personalized and impressive experience for anyone who visits.  You can essentially have your own television or radio show via your blog.  Imagine shooting live footage of a crime or event and being able to have that footage on your blog before any news station can get the footage out!  And, the best part is you can do most everything you want with your blog for free or at very little cost! 
Even at this relatively early stage in blogging, there are some people out there with blogs which are much, much better than traditional websites in their ability to educate and entertain their visitors.  Gone are the days where it is enough for your business, or even your family, to put up a simple website and then never change or update it.  Web surfers expect regular updates.  They like it even better to see an actual blog on your site.  They know that if you have a blog then they will be able to read and find out what is new and exciting with your business or family.  If you have a website, you will need to have a good blog to go with it.   
There are many ways today to monetize a blog such as through Google’s AdSense and affiliate programs.  As the times and the web change there will likely be many, many more ways to monetize your blog.  Companies both large and small understand that people are reading blogs in large numbers.  Companies want nothing more than to get their advertising dollars spent in areas where people who would be interested in their business’s goods and services will see them.  Blogs are a great place to find these potential customers.  Just as the original weblogs morphed and changed into today’s blogs, so too will today’s blogs go through great changes in the years to come.  Imagine how far they have come in this relatively short time and imagine what they will evolve into in the next five to ten years!  Will you be part of this evolution and the money to be made from it?  Will you have a well established blog and be raking in the big money with it in the future?  We hope that you will! 

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