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As the internet grew to become what it is today, many webmasters discovered that web surfers wanted to know which websites had recently been updated and which had new information on them.  Web surfers were looking for new and exciting information and didn’t want to have to go check
websites themselves to see if they had been updated recently.  
They wanted somewhere they could go and see just what was new. 
Some smart programmers started posting logs on their own websites which told the web surfers which websites had recent updates or new information on them.  These weblogs, as they were called at that time, were like an informal directory of “what’s new” online.  These weblogs, and the technology which powered them, eventually grew and changed to become the blogs of today. 
A blog is simply a website which is written in a friendly news format which is frequently updated.  Rather than be a listing of new or updated websites, blogs became to be new, always changing, websites in themselves.   
A blog takes the same role online as your local television daily news program or newspaper do in their respective media types.  Blogs are Somewhere you go when you want new and interesting information on any given topic.   
A blog is a website which is always being updated with up to date information.  A blog serves the sole purpose of educating and entertaining people.  Just like a good daily news program, or local newspaper, good blogs provide you with a nice balance of education and entertainment.  A good blog is one which has a lot of content, teaches you something new and entertains you a bit in the process.  For your blog to be successful you will want to make sure you incorporate each of these three things into your own blog as well.  The most successful blogs on the internet do this and do it quite well. Where a weblog used to be a list of new or changed websites, they changed over time and exploded in popularity into today’s blogs.  Where a blog used to be something only a programmer had, blogging now allows anyone, without any programming or HTML (hypertext mark-up language) skills, to set up their own blog.  The weblogs of yesteryear paved the way to the blogs of today. With the proliferation of free blog sites such as Google’s Blogger, it is simple for anyone in the world to have their own blog.  Blogger uses templates and signing up for an account and starting your blog takes all of about five minutes and you are up and on your way!  If you can e-mail and surf the web, then you can have your own blog.  It really is that easy.  And, best of all - it is free!

Today’s blogs are maintained by both companies (large and small) as well as individuals all over the world.  In this day and age even your grandmother could have her own blog if she wanted to.  All she would 

have to do is sign-up for a Blogger account and start typing about her family, her hobbies, her pets, or whatever else she might want to talk about.  A family blog can be a great way for families who want to stay in touch with each other.   
A blog can simply be an online diary or notebook you use to publish your thoughts.  A blog can also be a more formal website used to educate people about just about any topic you can think of. Your blog can be as personal or professional as you want it to be. Through the use of Blogger’s great templates you can adjust the look and feel of your own blog to match the type of blog you wish to have.  You are also free to have more than one blog and can have the look and feel of each separate blog vary depending on their individual topics.  And the best thing is that both a personal or professional blog can have AdSense on it and make you some money! 

Online there are currently blogs on topics ranging from workplace politics, world politics, relationships, frugal living, sports, religion, family life, children, family pets, and just about anything else in between.  Chances are if you have an interest in something then there is a blog out there on the topic.  However, if you search and can’t find a blog on a topic which interests you then that can tell you that it might be a great idea of a topic for starting your own blog and making some extra money with it
Making Money with a Blog 
Blogging is one of the only truly “free” start-up business models on the internet.  You can quickly and easily sign-up for an account with a free blog service such as Goggle’s Blogger.  From there you can add AdSense and other affiliate links to your blog and make money from your visitors clicking on those links.  This is referred to as monetizing a blog – making money with a blog.  You can accomplish all of this without ever spending a single cent of your own money. Google started a program called AdSense.  AdSense is for website owners to make money by hosting other business’s advertisements on their websites.  These AdSense ads can also be hosted on a blog, even if it is hosted by a free blog service.  Google owns both Blogger and AdSense so they are both programmed to be very simple for anyone to use.  Because Google owns both Blogger and AdSense they go extremely well together.   
With AdSense you paste the code the program generates for you into your Blogger template.  Where the advertisements will show up on your blog depends entirely on where you choose to paste the AdSense code into your template.  Later in this eBook we will talk about how to generate AdSense code and exactly where in your blog template to paste that code is. 
AdSense additionally allows you to blend in the ads with the content of your blog.  This helps to make your AdSense ads look more like your written content and less like advertising billboards.   

AdSense is also intuitive enough that it will serve you ads which match the topic and content on your blogs.  For example, if you have a blog on saving money then AdSense will likely serve up ads for coupon clipping services, freebies online and other things which match your blog’s topic.  On your saving money blog you will not see ads for irrelevant things like animal care or technology products. 
How do you make money with Google’s Adsense?  Google pays you when the visitors to your blog click on the AdSense advertisements on your site.  This is called “click through.”  Google pays you a varied amount depending on the ad which was clicked on. 

A Successful Blog Once you have a blog, with AdSense placed on it, you will want to start posting to it every day or two.  Your blog posts can be about anything relating to the topic of your blog.  And, while you should generally stick to your blog topic, you really can post about anything you want to on any given day.  If you have an opinion on politics or something else that day you can easily post it on your blog.  You do not have to be an expert writer to have a successful blog.  In fact, you will find that most bloggers are not professional writers but just write for the sake of their blog.  You simply need to be interested in the topic you are posting about and post regularly with interesting and engaging content. 
Creating engaging content is not hard to do if you are interested and somewhat knowledgeable about the topic of your blog.  You can post 
Articles on your blog, post product reviews, have other people write your posts for you, or just simply write a paragraph or two of whatever is on your mind that day.  Blogs are generally meant to be informal, so you will want to keep the tone of your writing friendly and post messages which are written like you are e-mailing a friend.  You want to have your readers see you as an “online friend” to them.  They want to feel included in your life and get to know all about who you are and what you think and believe. 
It is easy to promote your blog online with a signature file which you can attach to posts on internet message boards, called forums, and your e-mail messages.  These signature files will bring more readers to your blog because these will be people you develop an online relationship with over time.  The more people who read your blog the better and the more loyal readers you have the more they will share a link to your blog with their friends and acquaintances.  You should always encourage people to share your blog’s link with other people who might be interested in reading your blog.  The more readers you have the larger AdSense income you will likely have. 
Through the search engines such as Google and Yahoo, you will also receive visitors to your blog.  These are called “natural” visitors because they found your site via a search engine search.  There are special things you can do to your blog, and your blog posts, to help your rankings rise with the search engines and get you more natural visitors.  The process of increasing your search engine ranking is referred to as “search engine optimization,” or SEO for short.  By understanding a bit about how search engine optimization works you can help to make more money with your blog by making it one of the 

First websites which comes up in the search results list when someone does a search engine search on your topic. 
One of the most popular ways to increase your search engine optimization is by placing META tags and special keywords, on each of your posted messages.   This is a very easy process which we will go over later in this eBook.  In addition to tags you will want to use good keyword rich content on your blog.  By using good keyword density you can tell the search engines more about your blog topic and attain higher rankings by the search engines.  Using good keyword density is very simple and easy to do and can really help pay-off big for your blog. 
Another simple way to increase your search engine optimization is to build links to your blog on other websites. You can easily do this while you are also promoting your blog.  You can help to build up the links to your blog and raise your rankings within the search engines through submitting articles and press releases online.  You can also join in on online forums and use a signature file to link people to your blog.  By joining in and participating you will gain more readers to your blog.  These readers will then go on to tell their friends and family about 
your blog and you will gain even more readers.  More readers means more clicks on your AdSense ads and more money in your pocket. By creating an RSS feed to your blog you can essentially syndicate your blog, much like comics and television shows syndicate their content.  We will talk about RSS feeds later in this eBook as well.  Having an RSS feed for your blog is quickly becoming a must-have 

option on any successful blog and setting one up in blogger is a very simple thing to do. 
It is also possible to raise your search engine rankings through pinging the search engines about your blog.  There are websites you can use, for free, which allow you to do something called “ping” the search engines about your blog.  You simply go to the website, put in the URL of your blog, and the website will tell a bunch of blog directories and search engines to go take a look at your blog because it has been recently updated.  By pinging your blog regularly you can increase your search engine rankings because the search engines see how you are using your keywords and raise your rankings in searches for those specific keywords.   
The Future of Blogging While no one can know for sure what the future will hold for blogging, I am pretty secure in thinking that amazing new developments are on the horizon.  With the ability to host audio and video files on your blog you can make your blog a very personalized and impressive experience for anyone who visits.  You can essentially have your own television or radio show via your blog.  Imagine shooting live footage of a crime or event and being able to have that footage on your blog before any news station can get the footage out!  And, the best part is you can do most everything you want with your blog for free or at very little cost! 
Even at this relatively early stage in blogging, there are some people out there with blogs which are much, much better than traditional websites in their ability to educate and entertain their visitors.  Gone are the days where it is enough for your business, or even your family, to put up a simple website and then never change or update it.  Web surfers expect regular updates.  They like it even better to see an actual blog on your site.  They know that if you have a blog then they will be able to read and find out what is new and exciting with your business or family.  If you have a website, you will need to have a good blog to go with it.  
There are many ways today to monetize a blog such as through Google’s AdSense and affiliate programs.  As the times and the web change there will likely be many, many more ways to monetize your blog.  Companies both large and small understand that people are reading blogs in large numbers.  Companies want nothing more than to get their advertising dollars spent in areas where people who would be interested in their business’s goods and services will see them.  Blogs are a great place to find these potential customers.  Just as the original weblogs morphed and changed into today’s blogs, so too will today’s blogs go through great changes in the years to come.  Imagine how far they have come in this relatively short time and imagine what they will evolve into in the next five to ten years!  Will you be part of this evolution and the money to be made from it?  Will you have a well established blog and be raking in the big money with it in the future?  We hope that you will! 

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