Whatz! SEO?

10,000-100,000 unique visitors in 48 hrs

The internet is just one big cesspool of attention seekers...

A blogger desperate for more views on his latest post
Your friends itching for another Facebook 'like' on their latest comment
A Warrior hoping for a few extra thanks and for someone to bump his thread.
A vlogger clawing for more views on his video
An email marketer begging you to open another one of their emails

The attention beggars never stop. Really, every listing in Google is just a bunch of websites begging for your attention...

When it comes to the internet recognize these two things...

1.   Everyone is desperate for attention and recognition
2.   #1 is largely driven by ego (even when they are in it for the money)

Problem is everyone is going out there trying every trick in the book to grab a piece of the action.
Whether it be SEO, paid traffic, social media, blogging, video marketing or whatever, everyone is trying desperately to get their piece.
Unfortunately 99% of people grasping at online attention completely miss the absolutely overwhelming underlying strategy that the majority successful websites employ.
They are all too wrapped up in themselves, begging left, right and center for a piece of the action that they completely miss the BIG FACT staring them in the face:

The most successful websites ever feed people's egos!
Let's see...

Google, Yahoo, Bing – They all feed people's egos in several ways by sending traffic to other people's websites, providing an online identify via email, and other social services where online persona’s and online real estate (owned by people) are ranked.
Craigslist, Amazon and eBay – Allows pretty much any person or business to advertise their products or services to other people.
Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter – The ultimate in creating your own attention seeking paradise online, while you are publicly ranked by number of connections.
Wikipedia – Allows anyone to chip in and give their voice (i.e ego) a platform in a huge encyclopedia. Contributors are ranked.
YouTube – The chance for anyone to showcase their video mastery and entertaining moments to the world, all ranked by various measures of popularity.
Blogger & Wordpress – Anyone and everyone is sharing their voice, ideas and info through these popular blogging platforms.

All of the above are linked with millions of people's ego and identity. It allows them to connect and showcase themselves, in some form or another, to the rest of the world.
Not only that the vast majority are publicly ranked in some way. You've got Amazon bestsellers, feedback on eBay, rankings in Search Engines, number of friends on social profiles, views on YouTube, number of contributions on Wikipedia, and your website stats for bloggers.
The top ten websites in the USA are all providing a platform for millions of people to boost their egos. EVERY SINGLE ONE!
“So Chris, you are saying that when I go out there begging for attention, I'm missing the real big attention opportunity?”

Instead of trying to feed your own ego, start thinking of ways you can feed other people's ego, and you'll suddenly start finding that now people are paying attention to what YOU are doing! I will show you a highly successful and proven method to feed the ego and cash in...


The premise to it is very simple, but BE WARNED, implementing it is a little more difficult.
That's not to say it's hard to do, but you just need to do it the right way to get maximum effect.
Ignore the various tips in this guide and you may see your efforts fall flat on their face. However, follow this to the letter, and no matter what your niche is you will crush it!
Just look at the sort of results I have achieved in the past...
That's hundreds of NATURAL links from HIGH PR websites, that skyrocketed the rankings of my entire site, and provided LONG TERM targeted traffic!
You can pull of similar feats in any niche. Here's a snapshot of the results you can expect...

Links from a wide variety of authority sources. These are the critical natural links which massively impacts your overall trust score with Google. This helps push up the rankings of other pages on your site.
An influx of fresh targeted traffic interested in your niche. If you are smart you can profit from this very well.
The influx of links and traffic can lead to a viral explosion in some cases. More people see, share, link, and your rankings go up too.
Key players in your niche suddenly know who you are and want to talk to you.
You tend to get a good volume of traffic into the long term since the post ranks so well and has been widely linked and shared. You can profit from this traffic into the long term.

   And the award goes too...
Ever wonder why the Oscars get so much attention? It is because it is all about ego. Everyone in the industry has a stake in it, so it gets a huge amount of buzz because the major players are heavily emotionally invested.

And with awards come public recognition, in both positive and negative ways. As people we are drawn to seeing how people rank among their peers.

We are pack animals, and there's something deep in our brain that drives us to know where other people stand in a hierarchy. Who is the alpha? Who is the loser? We want to know.
We also all look for and want the best. The best is infinitely better than second best.
Nobody asks, “what is the second best car you have for sale?”
We are driven to simple rankings because it summarizes a lot of information into two simple words 'the best'.
This is why seeing a 'top list' of anything really grabs our attention. From best sellers on
Amazon, the top 10 of Google, and the latest 'Top 50 Women of the Year”.

So how do we, as website owners, capitalize on this?

The TRAFFIC Answer & Three Essential Rules...
However, it has to be done the RIGHT WAY or it won't work!
There are three essential but simple rules to get maximum results from your Trophy
Pigeon top list:

1.   Feed the ego of the “Linkerati”. By that I mean design your top list so that the websites/products/people included have an authoritative property they can link back to you from to show how awesome they are.
2.   Make sure the top list is within your niche, and position yourself as an authority on the subject (which is easier than you think).
3.   Create an original top list. If someone has done a list like yours before, then your list will get less attention and likely be seen just as a copycat.

Your Own Oscars

What we are essentially doing with method is creating our own
Oscars, but for your niche.
You create your own premium niche awards. It feeds the ego of everyone listed and they want to share this recognition with the world.
They share it on Twitter, Facebook, on their blog, and vote for it within social media.

You can get high quality links, boost your rankings, increase social traffic and put yourself on the map within your niche.

   What? No Button to Push?
Sorry this strategy is not a push button strategy. It does require work, but it is well worth the effort.

Now while these get great results considering the effort, the problem is everyone is doing it, so its not going to have a massive impact.
Push buttons solutions can help get you more exposure, but by the laws of economics if it is easy and effective, a lot of other people will be using it too.
takes a bit of work, and is rarely ever discussed as a marketing tactic.
Virtually nobody is doing it.
That is what makes it so powerful!

   Easy Profits as a Service (offline method)...
When I scoured through over 1000 SEO companies trying to find a company to hire to help with some SEO work, I came across a company selling this strategy as a service for $10,000!
They'd do all the work for you, but for $10,000 its hugely expensive, but with a strategy so effective they can charge those high fees.
Why? Because they get results for their clients!
This takes about 2-7 days of work to pull off, so you can see it is not worth hiring someone at that price to do if you already know how to do it yourself (assuming you earn less than $10,000 a week).
I mentioned this because I wanted to illustrate just how much you could earn from providing this method as a service.
It is unique, powerful and something that offline clients can really grasp onto, compared to other marketing mumbo jumbo.

Your offline clients will get this, and understand how it can get them more clients, compared to some fancy linking scheme.
You could have a top list of 'Most Beautiful Gardens of Seattle Schools & Businesses'.

The results...
Many schools and business that win will have a website to share their recognition
(client gets authority links)
The local landscaping company will be seen as the authority on landscaping in the region (since they were handing out the awards)
The winners will be very open to speaking with that landscaping company that gave them praise (leads!)
You get paid a sweet sum for your work.

Of course you can also do this for your own sites too.

Promoting Niche Sites
Niche sites can profit from this method particularly well. In the next section are examples of two niche sites. One is in the education niche, and the other is in the social media niche.
Personally, Brand names and companies are incredibly keen to get more exposure for their products no matter what the niche. They are often prime targets for the trophy pigeon method as they are excited to show their potential customers any awards they have received.
Simply take any group of products in your niche and rate them in an original way as described in this method. For example, if you run a dieting website you could have “Top
50 organic weight loss supplements”
You will find the product and brand websites behind those products linking to your website to show off. The links will come from their authority websites so your rankings will rise, and you will also get direct targeted traffic.
Not to mention you can likely promote every product in the list using an affiliate link!
Before I begin I want to share some examples.
So I can be as open and forthcoming about the methods I use I rarely share my sites or niches. So the examples below are from other people's websites.
They share the bulk of the characteristics, and illustrate just how powerful an impact this method has.

Top 50 Social Media Blogs –

As a result it has just under 3000 links according to Yahoo Explorer, with many of those links coming from prominent key blogs within the competitive social media niche.
However, after reading the Trophy Method in full you will spot many ways that this top list could have been improved including its lack of originality.
However they got a few things right including the social buttons, award badge to copy and paste, and use of categories. Don't worry, all of those are covered in more detail.

Most Beautiful College Campuses –
This top list was very clever pulling on the ego strings of universities that are always in a race to top each other.
Again this is not a perfect example of the Trophy Pigeon method as it lacks key elements like spreading the list over 5 pages, a call to action at the bottom of the post, having the embed award badge in an easy location and more.

However, it did a great job on the promotional side pulling in links from high profile universities (those awesome .edu links), links from local news including TV coverage, over 30,000 Facebook likes (from many college students which is the 'shared ego' effect in action as discussed later on in this guide), and many top 10 rankings (and many #1 rankings too).
Here is the TV coverage that this Trophy Pigeon got:
Those are some impressive results! You can now see how powerful this method truly is!

Inside the Trophy Pigeon
It is now time to step into the nitty gritty details of the Trophy Pigeon method.
It is vitally IMPORTANT you study and stick to following information when implementing your own Trophy Pigeon.
This will ensure MAXIMUM impact and results. While you may have your own ideas and opinions, if you have not had success with this sort of thing before then stick to the proven formula.
This will ensure your first attempt is successful. There is always a temptation to do it your own way, but don't do it. You are much more likely to get stronger results doing it this way.
The vast majority of people who try their own ideas first fail and waste a ton of effort. Their ideas did not have the context of first hand experience, and so were likely to be wrong or misguided.
Try this method in its entirety, down to the letter, first. Then feel free to experiment and innovate, as you will then have a thorough understanding of how it works, and first hand experience.

For now, stick to the plan:

Step 1 – Choosing the Top List
Here you need to use your imagination an actually pick a top list for your website. Remember the 3 important rules...

1.   Feed the ego of the “Linkerati”. By that I mean design your top list so that the websites/products/people included have an authoritative property they can link back to you from to show how awesome they are.
2.   Make sure the top list is within your niche, and position yourself as an authority on the subject (which is easier than you think).
3.   Create an original top list. If someone has done a list like yours before, then your list will get less attention and likely be seen just as a copycat.

The Linkerati – High Quality Natural Links to Boost Your Rankings
Identifying the linkerati in your niche can be tough, but typically they can be...

Blogs, online newspapers and online magazines in your niche
Brand and product websites that have an 'in the press' section or blog.
Schools, government departments, or organizations which showcase awards on their website or have a blog.
Professional individuals or experts which have a website or blog. An example might be a professor that has a blog on a university website, or a model who has her own blog.

Whatever your top list is, the potential winners must be able to link to you when they want to show off.
So it would be a bad idea to have a top list of the best nursery rhymes, since the people who originally authored those rhymes are probably long dead, unknown and unlikely have a website.
Don't think too big (target starved egos)...
Obviously the more well known and authoritative the winners, the more potential traffic and exposure you will get. However, also bear in mind that those who are exceptionally popular are less likely to pay attention to your award.
For example, if your top list was about famous Hollywood actors, it is less likely that the official websites for those actors would pay attention to your awards. To put it bluntly your lesser known website is not big enough to feed the overfed egos of major Hollywood actors.
However, if you award the schools in your region that have produced the most successful actors, the schools are much more likely to respond.

The schools are far more starved of recognition than famous Hollywood actors, so they are much more likely to showcase the fact they have won an award.
At the same time don't be afraid of targeting big companies and individuals. The key is that they have a starved ego waiting for recognition.
Examples of starved egos include:

Specialist and niche brands/products
Professors and scholars
Company executives (like top CEOs)
Local businesses
Boring everyday products like milk and microwaves
Non-techie companies and products
Behind the scenes specialist companies/individuals that are rarely recognized and over shadowed by the front end product. Examples include musicians that write film scores, medical companies that design life saving treatments, and inventors of new life changing automobile parts
Non-U.S businesses wanting recognition in the U.S market
Schools and universities
Local politicians

Niche Originality – A Simple Way to Stand Out
While being sure to feed starved egos that are able to link to you, you also need to make sure your top list matches your niche, and is original.

The niche part is essential for three reasons...

1.   It puts you on the map with people of influence within your niche
2.   Any links you receive will be thematically relevant to your website. This will help your site rank higher for keywords within your niche.
3.   It attracts visitors that are interested in the content on your site.

Being original is essential because if it is something that has been done it is unlikely to get attention, both from the winners, and from people in general.
An easy way to get original is to simply get more specific.
Let's say you have a site on models or is an online male magazine.
Just start with the obvious like 'The 50 Hottest Models'. Now that is already being done and you are competing with major media brands which already release similar top list.
People are less likely to share your award when they already got the same award from someone more reputable.
However, if you just get a bit more specific then you have something more original. For example...
“The 50 Hottest Underwear Models” And take it a little further...

“The 50 Hottest Plus-Size Underwear Models” What is also great about this is it crosses niches, which gives it a wider audience. Now both plus-size, lingerie and female fashion sites will pay attention to this too.

Let me give you some other top list examples which get specific...

“World's Tallest Buildings” becomes... “World's Tallest Ice Buildings”

“Top Minds in Computing” becomes... “Top Minds in Computing under 25”

“Best Restaurants in Seattle” becomes... “Restaurants with Most Generous Servings in Seattle”

“The Best Coffee Makers” becomes... “The World's 50 Most Extravagant Coffee Makers”
“The World's 50  Fastest Coffee Makers”

Before I move on I would like to quickly remind you that the point of this is to feed the ego of your winners.
You should choose an award that feeds the ego and allows the target to show that they have been recognized for something worthwhile.
That means the award has to mean something to the winners. It needs to be positive and be something they want to show off.
For example, the idea of “World's Tallest Ice Buildings” might not be effective because many of the winners do not want to be recognized for their tallness, but rather for the elegance of the architecture. They might not share the fact they have won with others, because it is not the sort of message they want to put out. It is not what they want to be known for.

   The Shared Ego – Wider Viral Buzz
While you should target specific individuals, products, websites, brands or companies, don't forget how others might feel about your award.
For example, if you award a university with a unique prestigious title, many people who are involved with that university are compelled to share the news. It is their “claim to fame”.
Lecturers, cleaners, students, graduates and more want to tell people that their
university won an award.
When your winners represent a group of people then it can increase your exposure. Another example can be national pride, especially among small, lesser known countries with starved egos. For example, an award which recognizes successful brands from small unknown countries will see the press within that country share the story.
So if your award will feed the ego of a wider audience that somehow identifies and feels to be part the award, then wider coverage and exposure will come more naturally.

   Step 2 – Number of Contestants
The proven hot number for top lists is 50. It is small enough enough that it does not overwhelm the reader, but large enough so it maximizes the amount of winners in the list.

Remember that each winner is a potential source of exposure for your site – each winner is someone that can link to your site, tweet about your list, share it on Facebook etc.
The more winners you have in your list, the more people you will have wanting to boast that they were included in your list.
So your list should have 50 candidates. It's the magic number.
Remember that to have 50 winners, you need at least 200 potential candidates, so that the winners actually feel like winners.
If you struggle to have a list that can have 50 true winners, then you are probably better off putting your effort into another list.

   Winning Categories – Shovel Feed the Egos (for more backlinks)

Imagine an Oscars that just listed the top 50 films of the year. It would be quite a boring award, and instead of having many winners in the countless categories, you just have one overall winner.
I suggest you do the same and have a few categories for your awards. People's egos are fed with big spoonfuls when they actually win a category, their motivation to share when they are in the number one spot is way higher than if they are 32 out of 50.
I suggest having at least 5 categories.
There are two ways to structure this...
1. You have an main top 50 list, but also name 5 specific 'specialist' categories on top of this where you also list the top 3 in each of these categories.
For example you might have your main list of 50 restaurants for the “Restaurants with
Most Generous Servings in Seattle”
Then you might have, as part of these awards, the 'best of' those 50 in certain categories like, best atmosphere, best wine list, best service etc.

2. Just simply split your list of 50 winners into different categories. This is the lazier way to do it and in my opinion not as effective. Here's an example:

make some preparations to build buzz and anticipation for your awards.
Building pre-launch buzz also makes your awards more valuable and genuine compared to if you just suddenly launched them out of the blue.
Here is what you should do in the run-up to actually preparing your top list.

Announcement – Blog & Press Release

Make an announcement that you will be soon be revealing the winners of your chosen top list.

Announce this on your blog post and also put out a press release announcing the awards. I recommend the $19 press release service from as value for money, but there are other free options (although they are not as effective) such as

Your press release should include a link to your blog post
Always describe your awards as yearly awards, that way they sound more official and you have the option of repeating your success the following year should you want to.
Your announcement should call for nominations. In the blog encourage people to leave nominees comments. To maximize comments use Bounce Rate Eliminator:

You can also use the alternative 'opt-in' method below to get nominations. In the press release give clear contact details, but also encourage people to visit the blog post.
This whole process gets your top list on people's radar before it is even live, it also encourages others to do the research for you, while also creating an interest and unconscious commitment to check out your top list when it is released.

Email Opt-In – How to Boost Subscribers
Gaining email subscribers is just good marketing and you want to capitalize on your top list buzz from the start.

You should include a prominent opt-in form on your announcement blog post, with a clear call to action to opt-in.
If you don't have an autoresponder to build a list then you can use Aweber:
Have this ready before you publish the blog post, and before you put out the press release.
In order to maximize the number of subscribers tell people to sign up to send you their nomination. You can
include their nomination within the opt-in form like the one on the right.
If you use Aweber here are the instructions to do this:

You should also use an enticing headline to encourage people to subscribe. An example:
Sign Up To See the 2012 Winners First!
You may also want to use an additional bribe to encourage people to opt-in. For example, if your top list was related to local restaurants in Seattle you could offer a restaurant guide ebook, or do a deal with a local restaurant to give away money off restaurant coupons.
So your enticing headline above your opt-in form to encourage sign-ups could be:
Sign Up To See the 2012 Winners First & Get 50% Off Your Next Meal
You could even take it a step further and collect cell phone numbers for profitable SMS
marketing. If you want more info on how to do that check this report:

Contact Nominees

Once you have some nominees, either from your own research, or by recommendations from your audience, go tell the nominees.
Send them a simple email telling them about the award, that they have been shortlisted, and ask for their nomination.


Give them a link to the blog post where they can subscribe and provide their nomination.
Do this for all the nominations you get as it will help build pre-launch buzz before you announce the list.
Now you have your nominees you need to get the top list ready. Decide on the winners and start putting together your top list in the following way...

The Optimal Structure For Maximum Effect I recommend structuring your top list as follows...
I've found this to be the optimum structure because...

The short snappy heading draws readers in
The short description gives enough info to place the awards in context, make them sound official, without being too long and boring the reader.
Big images and frequent sub headings are all important to please skim readers
(i.e the majority of internet surfers).

The 'more info' link & BIG Google traffic?

This is an optional extra, but it will bring you a lot of long term search traffic.
The idea here is simple. Create a dedicated page for each of your winners which is simply a short profile of each winner. You link to each of these 50 pages from each winner within your top 50 toplist.
If, for each of your 50 winners, you create a dedicated page optimized for their name, it will stand a very good chance of ranking in the top 10 of Google.
This works because your top 50 list should get a lot of link love. The high quality natural kind which carry a lot of weight.
The 'page rank' or Google juice will filter through from your top 50 list to each of your profiles the winners, and those profiles stand a good chance of ranking high.
Imagine 50 pages, all optimized for key players in your niche, and each one of them rankings. This can bring a lot of long term targeted traffic!

For the content on these 50 pages I just keep it simple.

Approx. 200 words describing the winner
Two or more images representing the winner
One video on the winner from YouTube if available
A prominent link to your top 50 list
2-3 links to other web-pages about the winner such as their twitter, Wikipedia page etc.
Title the post the name of the winner, and possibly 1-4 longtail keywords if relevant.

Creating these 50 pages is entirely optional as it is quite a bit of work, but it is well worth it for the additional traffic it can bring.

Split list into 5 pages?

My personal preference is to split your top 50 list over 5 pages. These 5 pages are for your top 50 list (as in 10 listings on each page).
It is not to be confused with the 50 separate 'more info' pages I discussed above.

I spread the top 50 list over 5 pages for the following reasons:
You don't end up with a massive page that takes too long to load. 50 winners, including images for each one, would be a lot to cram into one page.
You increase page views which means more ad impressions.
It forces people to be more engaged with your content instead of just quickly scrolling to the bottom.
You create a habit of clicking, and by the time they reach the 5th  page they are ready to click again. You can present them with a money post, an affiliate offer, an opt-in form, social share buttons, or wherever you would like the visitor to go.

A very IMPORTANT point is that at the bottom of each page you have links in BIG BOLD font that allow the reader to click through to the next page.
Tell the reader exactly what to do next when they get to the bottom of each page.
Reverse Order? 

You should present your list in reverse order from the #50 position, up to the #1 position. This is because the winner is the spot that people are most interested in, and if you show the winner up front the reader will be less inclined to stick around for more. It is
like telling someone the ending to a movie before they sit down in the cinema. Reverse order is also better this way because the reader will scroll through the other winners in the top list first, allowing them to compare who is listed in what position as they move through the list.
Presenting the winners in reverse order simply is the best way to maximize reader engagement.

So Chris you are saying that if I present the list in reverse order more people will read it?
Yes exactly!

The Categories

Remember that I mentioned in the 'Winning Categories' section that it was a good idea to have categories for your awards, much like they do in the Oscars.
This would add more spice and variety to your awards, while also giving more winners something to boast about.
I would save the run down of the category awards until the last page.

However, throughout the top 50 list, if someone has won one of these awards then I
would point that out.

Here's how it might look...

This makes your top list have more variety and makes individual winners in the list look more eye-catching as the reader scrolls through. These little 'Category Winners' will draw skim readers back into your top list.
Also it is good to make the category winners more high profile so you can feed their ego. The more you feed their ego the more they want to share your list with the world.
So Chris I should highlight winners of categories to feed their ego and get more traffic?
Exactly! Those people/companies are much more likely to share your Trophy Pigeon awards on their website, twitter, facebook or blog if you shovel feed their ego!

Award Badges – The Ultimate Ego Boost People like a visual or physical representation of the award in the form of a trophy or a badge.
On the online world the badge typically looks the best sitting on someone's website.
Brands, products, schools, bloggers etc. are often very keen to share what awards they have one on their blog. It is a boost to their ego and provides social proof.
The list of awards listed down the right hand side of this blog is pretty common:

Often you will find yourself with prominent links on the homepages of High PR websites. This will bring long term traffic, as well as increase the exposure of your brand and drive the beautiful Search Engine Juice (aka Page Rank) to your website.
However, while some people collect badges to put on their site, others need a little persuasion.
You want people to put these badges on their site, so here are the key things you need to do:

1.   SHOW: Showcase the badges in your top list so that a connection is made by readers between the badges and the award.
2.   SHARE: At the end of your top list have the embed code for site owners to copy and paste the badges onto their own website. The code you give should include a link back to your website (an example is below). You can also create a dedicated page on your site for winners, which has all the embed codes and instructions for site owners to put the code on the site. You can link to this page from within your top list.
3.   INSTRUCT: Tell the winners exactly what to do. Say something like “Show the world you are a winner and put these badges on your site”.
4.   CONTACT: Make sure you contact each of the winners to tell them they have won, and to get the badges to put on their site (this is covered in more detail later on).

Here is an example of the HTML code you will need to put on your website so winners can put the banners on their site using your embed code. Change the bits in red...

Embed Badge On Your Website:

This is a lot like the embed code you copy off YouTube to put a YouTube video on your site, except instead of a video, it is a clickable badge linking to your site.

Optional: Many bloggers that discuss your niche will be keen to share and discuss your top list on their site (even if they did not win an award). Should you want to you can also create a simple top 50 list that bloggers can put on their site.

It would simply be a list of the winners and nothing else with a link at the bottom to your original more in-depth list.

Then just provide the code for bloggers to copy and paste this into their own blog post. That gives them easy content, and you get a backlink to your site.

Get Ready to Create BIG BUZZ!
You now have pretty much everything ready to launch your top list, but don't hit the publish button just yet.
You need to get things prepared for when you do launch, so that you can spread the word fast!

Here is what you need...

1.Winners Emails
You should find the emails of all the winners. Scour their websites for contact forms and email addresses. Be sure you get the correct contact details so you don't end up telling the wrong person.
If it is a business/company/brand then it is best to contact their press department.
If you can't find the contact details on their website then try to find it from the website's whois records:

Have the list of winner names and emails ready so that as soon as you launch you can let them know that they have won.

Prepare a standard email to send which includes:
- A snappy headline that says something like: You were voted the top x of 2011!
- A link to your top list. Tell them to click it to see their position in the list.
- A link to the page where they can get the embed code. Tell them to put the embed code on their site to show the world that they have been recognized.
- How you came to choose the winners.
- Invite them to get in touch if they have any questions

I recommend that you customize each email for every person in the following way:
- Use their name at the start of the email.
- Use their name/brand/company in the subject line.
- State if they won a particular category

2.Niche Sites Emails
Top lists are a popular form of content, for similar reasons why the Oscars are so popular. Therefore you want to inform niche sites and blogs that would be interested in your top list.
___________________ 24
Scour the net for sites discussing your niche. Even mainstream newspapers may cover your top list if you contact the right journalists/blogger who covers that topic. I've had mainstream press coverage by contacting journalists in this way before.
The email you send out should be short and to the point, and encourage them to click through and see the top list. The top list explains itself, so you don't need to bore them with a long email.
Remember that bloggers and journalists want to be contacted with stories to cover because they are typically looking for something to write about everyday.
Have your list of sites to contact ready, along with the email you will send before you publish your top list.

3.Subscriber Email
You should have subscribers in your email list waiting to hear when your top list launches. Get your email ready and put it in your autoresponder (such as Aweber) ready to send.

4.Press Release
You should also have another press release ready to send announcing the launch of your top list. Do not reveal the winners in the press release, but tell people to go to see the winners. Use the same press release distribution service as you did with the earlier press release.

5.Social Media
Ensure that you have social media buttons on your site. You should have buttons to tweet, buttons to like and share on Facebook, and buttons for Google+.

These will help fuel the viral explosion that often occurs with these sorts of top lists. The LoveClaw social emotion buttons are perfect for this sort of thing because they increase the rate your content is shared online.
Place the buttons in prominent positions at the top of your post.

6.Winner's Twitter Accounts.
Before you launch make sure you find and follow all the people on your winners list through Twitter. Come launch day you want to send them a tweet saying that they have won.

_____________________ 25
Be sure to make your tweet personal when you send it by including their name, and if they won a category. Be sure to include the link to your live top list. For example:
@MrMunchWeb Chris, you won the top IM product of 2012, and your Trophy
Pigeon method was voted best viral tactic. LINK

Once you have launched you will send out tweets to all 50 winners like this.

Launch Time!
The launch is very important, but it should be easy as you should have everything already prepared.

It's as simple as
1.   Publishing your top list post and checking the links and everything is correct
2.   Publishing your award buttons
3.   Emailing your subscribers
4.   Sending out the press release
5.   Emailing the winners
6.   Emailing related sites that might be interested
7.   Tweeting the winner

Then just sit back and let the ego effect kick in, and see if your award goes viral, which is very likely.
Be sure to keep an eye on your email as many winners and sites may contact you wanting information, or need a nudge to publish a link to your awards on their website.

Capitalizing on Results
This has the potential to bring 5-6 figure traffic in 48 hours to your site depending on your niche. But even if you bring 1000 targeted visitors it can be a great success.

When it can cost $1 per click for targeted paid traffic, then 1000 visitors in 48 hours, plus a lot of long term traffic, it is well worth it.

Typically I will always see 10,000 visitors within the first week as a minimum, and continue to get thousands of visitors as a result.

______________________ 26

With that much traffic it is very important that you monetize it to its full potential. You can directly bank a lot of money from your efforts if you use the power of the Trophy Pigeon in the right way.

Mailing List
Your mailing list is the most important part of your hompimpahom in my opinion. You want to capitalize on the traffic and get as many subscribers as possible.
By pulling in subscribers with a compelling bribe, and then capitalizing on those subscribers by smart promotions you can make a lot of money.
$1 per subscriber is certainly possible, and can be a lot higher in some niches. $10 per subscriber is something I have been able to achieve.
The key to this is having a profitable sales funnel and the ability to turn your subscribers into buyers (whether it be your own or affiliate products). I can't stress enough that this is where the money is!
If you are not earning at least $1 per subscriber then I urge you to check out The List

Advertising on your blog can earn particularly well. Options include:

Adsense - can pay well depending on the niche, but it is very hit and miss
CPM Banner Advertising - if you can find a banner network paying high enough eCPMs then this can be very lucrative as you get paid per page view, and you have 5 pages of your top list.
Contextual Ad Networks – These are links which are automatically placed within your content. Infolinks and Kontera are a couple of the popular networks. Unfortunately the CPC paid is usually low but occasionally these types of ads can pay well. You just have to test. At one point I had infolinks earning more than Adsense, but its not the norm.
Affiliate – Think hard about the type of visitors that will be landing on your site to read this top list. You then need to match up high paying products and services that could interest them.

Also whenever a product or service pops up be sure to use an affiliate link. For example, if your winners are professors, if they have published books link to

them on Amazon using your Amazon affiliate link.
Is your list of hotels? Link to the hotel profiles via an affiliate program that pays. Is your list about local restaurants? You could link to Groupon deals for that local area.

Promote Your Own Product – If you are have your own product then promoting that is a great idea if it matches the audience you are attracting (which hopefully it does as you should have picked a top list topic that matches your niche).
To do this you need a strong sales page and sales funnel. A proper sales funnel will make a huge difference. I'm talking differences like a 500% increase in sales or more.

To see an example check this:

Multi-Pronged Approach -  Rather than just using any one of the above I suggest using multiple advertising options to maximize your income and spread risk.
For example, I've banked an extra $1000 with Adsense in 24 hours with one top list, but another time it was less than $100 on more traffic. Similarly the traffic might not convert on your affiliate offers, or it may convert really well. Given the mixture of traffic you will receive when you launch your top list it is good to use a mixture of advertising.

Promote Money Pages

If you run a decent website you should have 'money pages'. These are typically pages promoting your own products/services, or affiliate products, or can be a high converting opt-in page for your email list.
You should try to filter traffic to these pages. The prime place to do this are at the end of your top list. You have a strong call to action that tells the reader where to go next in slightly larger text.

   SEO Benefit – Higher Rankings
The natural links that your sites receive will be a major boost to your rankings. While traditional SEO may have you spilling your guts trying to 'build' backlinks, this natural link thing might seem strange to you.

______________________ 28
However, these are the exact type of links that Google likes to see, and Google spots these natural patterns and rewards you for them.
You often get links from sources that Google knows don't just link to anyone. Links from these trusted sites can have a major impact on your entire sites rankings.
While it does not always happen, I often find my sites receiving an overall ranking benefit from such links. After a successful  I can see every page on my sites have rankings increase over the next couple of weeks.
The top list itself will rank very well as a result of all these natural links, and you will see it land many top ten rankings, many which you did not expect.

Here are several things you can do to maximize the SEO benefit:

1. Target Keywords With Each Page:
You have 5 pages of your top list. The first page should be something catchy and simple like “Top 50 Restaurants with Most Generous Servings in Seattle” for the blog post title, but you could change the meta title to something more focused like: “Best Seattle restaurant with Most Generous Servings” so that you now target the phrase 'best Seattle restaurants'.
On the next page instead of using the same meta title, you could change it to something different. For example, “Seattle Restaurant Reviews - Washington Dining Awards” and you target a whole set of new keywords.
If you went for the option of having profile pages for each winner in your top list then you have even more pages that can capture additional search traffic.
2. Channel Juice:
You can also channel the search engine juice (aka Page Rank) to key pages on your site that you want to rank higher. You do this by linking to them from within your top list using your desired anchor text.
I tend to see that you get better results by linking to them from within the post content, rather than the sidebar, footer or other navigational elements.
3. Follow-up Winners & Press
The winners and press that you contacted may have replied to you but not taken action to link to you. You may wish to follow up with a gentle reminder about the awards, asking for their comments and using some of the techniques in below...

Build Relationships

Your web or blog has fed the ego of many key people/products/companies in your niche.
When you like someone, they tend to like you back, so you have put yourself in a great position to start becoming friends with these key players.
In addition you have also contacted many bloggers and journalists and opened the door for further conversation.
This can lead to many opportunities. In order to get more exposure for your website you could consider doing guest posts for bloggers and other sites in your niche who contacted you.
For the winners you may want to do interviews with them for quick and easy unique content, which may also bring further links.
There will be many other unique opportunities available to you if you think outside the box and chase them up.

   Win New Offline Clients
If you have offline clients this top list can be a great way to get work. The winners in your list can be your potential customers and you have opened the door to offering your services in a unique way.
Because you have fed their ego they will already be more keen to talk to you and listen to what you have to say.
That's 50 keen leads willing to speak to you!
You put a top list on their site to give them major press coverage and help them win new customers.

The End...

I hope you found this useful and see the power of building a top list using the method. It has proved to be the most successful form of link building and traffic generation for me time and time again.

This method has produced some of my biggest traffic days and I consistently get results like these:
- Typically 10,000-100,000 unique visitors in 48 hrs
- 5-6 figure long term traffic

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